Garden: Lacewings

I am just about to try out a new bug in our garden. Lacewings!


(Photo via Wikipedia)

For three summers now, I have been releasing live ladybugs into the garden. It’s fun releasing them, and I absolutely adore seeing them (the ones that stick around)  for the weeks that follow.

The truth about releasing beneficial insects into your garden is that most of them (like 90%) disappear within 48 hours. They fly on to other places. Even if you try to make little homes for them (which, by the way, they do not use!)

But some of them stick around and reproduce and find a home in your garden for the rest of the summer. I personally feel  like that’s really all you can ask for. (Especially for $7.99 – the going rate on


But although lady bugs are voracious predators of many bad bugs (like aphids), I can find no real scientific claims that they eat the #1 problem in my garden – red mites.  Lacewings, on the other hand, supposedly do.

So I am placing my order! I will try to take some pictures of the release when they arrive. It’s hard because, like lady bugs, you are supposed to release them at night. But for your sake, I will try!

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