Broken Bulbs

One of my favorite things about our outdoor deck garden is the string lights that light it up at night. They are nothing terribly fancy – just $15 strings from Target. But they cast a lovely glow for an evening on our deck.

However, our most recurrent problem with them is broken bulbs. Almost none of the bulbs actually get broken through normal use or as a result of the elements. They’ve been broken while we were moving them around or moving other things around in the garden. But still… since this seems to be a recurrent problem, here is a roundup of sources for replacement bulbs:


(image via Pottery

1. Pottery Barn

When Pottery Barn started selling string lights this summer, they also started selling bulb replacement packs. This set of 6 bulbs for $9.50  (slightly more than $1.50 per bulb, plus shipping) is actually the worst value I have found online unless you have some sort of gift card. (Or if you just want the store name on you delivery box!)


(image via

2. Amazon

Amazon has a number of sellers offering large packs of replacement bulbs a great prices. The set above is 25 bulbs for $18.75 (or 75 cents per bulb). If you have Amazon Prime and shipping is free, and if you need a large number of bulbs, then this might be your best option.


(image via Lights for All Occasions)

3. Lights for All Occasions

I found this gem of a website through Google. They are the cheapest single source I have found online, with replacement bulbs for 65 cents apiece (plus shipping). They also have the distinct benefit of allowing you to buy bulbs individually. So if you only need a few, you can select the appropriate number.

There you go – all the information you need to keep your own garden, patio, porch, or deck shining brightly!

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