A Work Playlist

work playlist

Do you have a specific playlist you listen to at work? I do. And I know many others do too. I am not just talking about songs that are loud and upbeat, but rather songs that allow you to get your work done, while also listening to them.

For me, I needs songs that have a certain energy level, and a strong driving beat to them to keep me working and moving. They have to have a certain balance of being energizing, but also something I can think over. Anything too sleepy, dreamy, or ethereal, and I start to daydream and am tempted to start browsing Apartment Therapy instead of working. Anything too loud, raucous, or distracting, and I can’t think to type coherent sentences through the lyrics. Anything too “dance-able” and I cant stay sitting in my seat!

There is also something very specific about the beat of the song that has something to with it. I need to be able to match the metronome in my head to the song. The rhythm of my typing and the ticking assembly line of words I am stringing into sentences sort of have to match the beat of the song.

When I was in college I typed my entire 85 page thesis to one song, on repeat, for about 10 months. I am actually mortified to admit what song it was. It was not anything that would ever qualify as an example of great musical taste (Ok, fine it was “How You Remind Me” by Nickelback. Feel free to judge!). But this type of playlist isn’t about great musical taste, or pretension, artistry. There was something about the specific beat of that song that matched the exact rhythm of my typing on the laborious policy analysis study I was writing. And it was also loud and driving enough to keep me awake and keep the energy flowing while I typed at 2am night after night in the dorm study space.

Well, I still have a work playlist to this day. It is a compilation of songs that I put on when I have to type up a position statement, talking points, or some other lengthy document. They keep me moving, and also allow me to work. But best of all – they make the workday shorter! Maybe they will make yours shorter too. Here you go:

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