Movie: Skeleton Twins



So this movie has instantly skyrocketed onto my list of all time favorites. It is a totally offbeat drama packed with comedy (Hello – Kristin Wig and Bill Hader!) and with a background setting of Halloween in New England, a soundtrack of 80s hits, and a running theme about two Dia de los Muertos dolls – all my favorite things.

It gets a bit dark at some points. There is some heavy drama around the subject of suicide, a broken marriage, and lingering childhood drama from an inappropriate child-teacher relationship. But the overall tone of the movie is light, funny, and even hopeful.

Kristin Wig and Bill Hader are hilarious, but are well matched by Luke Wilson and Ty Burrell fr om Modern family. I totally recommend this movie, if for no other reason than to get some pretty great Halloween decorations inspiration.

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