Halloween Party: Making A Glow-in-the-Dark Room

This year for our Halloween Party, I have once again decided to turn our entire bedroom into a Glow-in-the-Dark Room.


It was a big hit last year.  This year, I am expanding! This year, the room will be my “Hall of Ghosts!” There will be several craft-related posts on this to come.

But first, let’s talk about accomplishing a Glow-in-the-Dark Room. The key to this whole thing is to purchase black lights. Real black lights. The kind that actually produce UV rays that make things glow. Otherwise – what’s the point?

There are lot of options out there. You can simply purchase a black light fixture. The tube kind that DJs use, and someone in your college dorm inevitably had along with some glow-in-the-dark fuzzy poster. They run $20 to $100.

Another way to go is to simply use the lamps and fixtures you have in the room, but swap out the bulbs.However – just make sure to buy the real thing – halogen bulbs that actually produce UV rays that make things glow.

There are also cheap light bulbs marketed as “black lights” that are basically just incandescent bulbs painted purple, and do not actually produce UV rays. They will provide light in a dark room sort of way. But they will never make things glow.

Below are helpful explanations that explain understand the difference:

Black Lights by WildfireFX.com

Types of Black Lights by Glowinc.com

And for those who want to know: This is what we use, LED bulbs, that we can plug right into all of our lamps and light sockets. We remove all of or normal lamp shades, to allow for maximum glow. They came out great! They are a bit cheaper than the fixtures (depending on how many you buy). The real bonus is plugging them into the fixtures you already have.


They seem to last decently long. So far, I have been able to store then with the decor, and use them two years in a row now.

Here is a picture of the bulb in action:

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