Uranium Glass (Glow-In-The-Dark) Figures

For a couple of years now, I have collected various pieces of uranium glass mostly on Ebay. They are one of my favorite parts of our Halloween decorations every year. They are such unique little pieces, and they give off an amazing glow under a black light!


Uranium glass (also called Vaseline glass) is the glass that is made using a very small amount of uranium in the processing. This type of glass was originally made in the 1920s, and often given out as fairs and carnivals as a prize. You can find it in similar places that sell carnival glass or milk glass. It is cheap to manufacture, and you can usually find figurines and dishes. It is called vaseline glass because some of it has a yellow-clear appearance under normal light.

20141107_212430I am sure right now some of your are freaking out (“She keeps active uranium in her house?”), but the amount of uranium is these pieces is so very minor, you could sleep with under your pillow every night and never see any effect. We all get exposed to far more radiation from the atmosphere and from our cell phones then from these little figurines. So don’t panic! These are harmless fun little glass figurines that actually sell for quite a bit online.

As you can see from the pictures above, I’ve got quite a little collection going. Here they each are, under blacklight, doing their thing:

20141102_005831Victorian woman holding umbrella

(I like to think of her as my oppressed pilgrim witch like the ladies from the Movie Practical Magic!)

20141102_005818I have two “Toad” figurines!20141102_005728(0)

(they go with the witch, obviously)


Cupid 20141102_010050

Wise Old Owl

You can find these pieces in antiques stores, or occasionally road shows or estate sales. I picked up a few in Saint Michaels, MD last summer.

As I mentioned, there is also quite a trade in Uranium Glass on Ebay. I have my eye on a couple figures right now, as a matter of fact that I need to run check on!

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