Halloween DIY: Skulls on Stakes

Skull on Stake DIY Halloween Project

I am very excited to share my latest DIY project – “Pottery Barn” inspired Skulls on Stakes! The best part? They cost about $2 each to make!


This year Pottery Barn has some great Halloween decorations available, including these Skulls on Stakes:

I loved them when I saw them! But they were for sale for $37 a piece! No thanks! Especially because I instantly realized it would be really easy to DIY them myself.

Introducing MY Skulls on a Stake:

Best part – they ring in at the low price of about $2 each. Yep, that is 7 skulls for about $14 total. Which, if you do some quick math is about a $35 saving per skull over buying these in store.

The plastic skulls came from the Dollar Tree (for $1 obviously). The “stakes” are round wooden poles from Michael’s craft stores. They were $1.15 each, and I sawed them in half (using one half for each skull).  I also embellished them with some bits of creepy cloth dangling at the base of each skull to cover the hole (which did not break clean).  Here’s the whole process:



A bit of hot glue on the end of each pole to secure it from wobbling around.





Looking Good!


And now for the creepy cloth!



More hot glue:






I happen to think my version looks even better (creepier) than PBs!

And here they are! 

I think these will make a great addition to my “graveyard scene” on the deck!

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