Halloween DIY: Hanged Men Skeletons

DIY Halloween decor Hanged Men Skeletons

One of my very best DIY project ideas for this year’s Halloween party were these Hanged Men Skeletons!

 I think they will work in great with my idea for turning the deck into our “cemetery” this year, and look fantastic with My Skulls on Stakes.

As soon as I told Bruce about this project, his reply was “why would you hang a skeleton?” I can see where this might be confusing in concept. My idea was that they are men who had been hung long ago, and now all that is left is the skeletons. This is based in part on the hanging skeletons that scared me senseless as a child on the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  Anyways…

These little beauties only require 3 parts, a bit of patience, and ring up at about $2 each to make.

I obtained the skeletons from our local Dollar Tree, and the rope from the hardware store, and the only other thing needed was a lot of hot glue and some patience.



To start, cut two pieces of the rope, one long (24 inches or more), and one short (about 6 or 7 inches.

The large one goes around the neck in a loose loop. Glue the end if you want to hold it in place.

The short piece of rope will form the “hanging knot” on your noose. Wrap the short piece of rope around the large loop in a little cork screw. Glue as you go.

Once you have your cork screw rope “hanging knot” tuck the ends of the short piece back into the middle of the cork screw, out of sight and glue.

Final step – cut the plastic loop at the top of each skeleton’s head off with some scissors!

My plan is to make about a dozen of them and “hang” them outside on our deck. I think they would look great hanging in a row. But they would also probably be fantastic hung in a clump!


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