Halloween DIY: Glow-in-the-Dark Paper Pumpkins

Every year, our Glow-In-The-Dark Room at our Halloween Party, is a huge hit! The one things is had lacked, that I wanted to find a way to include – are some glowing pumpkins! I found a way to do it that was both inexpensive and extremely easy. Here they are:

DIY Halloween Glow in The Dark Paper Pumpkins

I rounded up some toilet paper rolls (free + recycling points!), and the hot glue gun. Then I got some neon paper at Michael’s ($2.50 for a whole package), the package had about 5 pieces that were neon orange on one side and neon green on the other side. there are also pieces that are neon yellow/pink.

Here is the DIY picture tutorial: First, cut paper into half in strips

Next, glue together a line of them, on one end, overlapping each end just slightly over the next.

Other side of ends left un-glued.

Grab your cardboard roll.

This is the hardest part. Bend the set of glued-together ends around the inside of the roll, and glue them in place. They will be kind of stiff, so yuo might have to work with them a bit.

Afterwards, you should have a weird stalk / broom of strips with free ends.

Start bending the strips down one at a time. They will spread out as you go.

Pull each strip around to the top of the cardboard roll. Glue to the inside, as you did at the bottom. Bending, and overlapping each slightly.

At this point, I decided that it was easiest to pre-bend the end of each strip just slightly, in advance of pulling it to glue to the top. You can skip this if you don’t find it easier.


Keep gluing the strips!

When you have all the strips glued in place, around the top of the roll, take two more strips (green this time), and glue them sticking out in the opposite direction to make a stem!


Viola! you are done!

Little paper pumpkins!

They look great just as they are, on a table, or as part of your Halloween Decor.

However, if you place them under a black light, in your Glow-in-the-Dark Room, they really pop!!


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