Glow-In-The-Dark Haunted Books

Continuing my own personal festival of Halloween Party Crafts this year, I decided to make some glow-in-the-dark “haunted” books for our  Glow-In-The-Dark Room at this year’s Halloween Party. The idea come to me after making my other “haunted” books for the regularly-lighted living room.

I really spent some time thinking about this one. It would have been fairly easy to just spray paint some books with glow-in-the-dark spray paint. But I wanted the books to fall in the theme with the “hall of ghosts” (formerly known as the bedroom). So I decided to make the “ghost books!”  I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result:


Now for the tutorial:

I ran to Michael’s and bought two of those transparent box plastic picture frames, which luckily, came in a two-pack! I bought some Krylon Glowz glow-in-the-dark spray paint, and some glow-in-the-dark t-shirt puff paint.


To start, I painted the entire inside of the frame/box with the Krylon Glowz glow-in-the-dark spray paint. Not the outside, just the inside, to give it that glows-from-within vibe.

From there, I free handed some artful design on the front using the puffy paint and a tiny paint brush. (Yes, the genius titles of the books are all my idea. But you can steal it if you want!)


The puffy paint dries a bit slowly – takes about half an hour after you apply. So prepare to apply a bit, set these projects down, let them dry, and then continue on. The good part about this is – if you mess up, you can wipe it off with a paper towel and try again!

As I said, I free-handed these. (Sorry OCD crafters!) I was honestly much happier with the tree/graveyard than with the ghost. The ghost boook started with writing the title, which left me very little room to insert a ghost image. The tree book went the other way around, so I had more room to “draw” with my puffy paint.

After I had finished both, I decided they still didn’t look very much like books. So I decided to draw on edging and “pages” with the remainder of the puffy paint. Consider a real book spine and pages when doing this. You only need to apply the lines on the top and right side of the book. And then round off the left edge of the top.


This was, again, free handed. I actually think the squiggliness it made it look better than perfect lines. Also, I couldn’t figure out how to get them perfect. (Maybe you OCD crafters will do better!) It was also a very slow process of applying a few lines, letting them dry, and then adding more. I started by trying to do the whole thing at once, smeared it, and went back and did it incrementally. Much more successful.


After everything is dry, set them up in the glow room, and enjoy!




Some notes about the “glow room”, glow-in-the-dark paints, etc.:

You can read here about how to create a “glow room.”

The Krylon Glowz glow-in-the-dark spray paint, and puffy paint both have pretty mixed reviews online. Some people say they don’t work. I have a suspicion that those people simply used them on a craft and put them in a darkened room. They honestly only glow moderately in a simple dark room. To really bring out the glow, you have to use a black light. then they pop like crazy!

Update: Some of you have asked …. Those spiders are purchased from Dollar Tree!

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