Halloween DIY: Mercury Glass Pumpkins


I have been obsessed for a couple of years with some mercury glass pumpkins that I saw at Pottery Barn. They were $30-$50 per pumpkin, and I was not about to spend that much. So, when I saw these little glass pumpkins at the Dollar Tree, I decided to make my own!


This was all an experiment, so I made it ups as I went along. I knew that the Krylon Looking Glass Spray was not going to be entirely sufficient to cover the colors of the glass pumpkins. I needed a base coat. So I decided to use some gold and silver metallic spray paint as a base coat.


I decided to do half of them with a gold base. So I painted the smaller three with gold spray paint.


For the three larger ones, I decided to get a bit creative, and paint the leaves gold, and the rest of the pumpkin silver. I accomplished this with a little bit of painters tape. First, using it to section off just the leaves and stem. Then, after that dried, covering the gold paint with the tape while I painted the rest silver.



After the base coats of silver and gold dries, I sprayed each entire pumpkin with a light coat of Krylon looking glass spray. this is important – do not apply too heavy of a coat! A light dusting should provide a mirror like finish, while still allowing you to see the base coat underneath.

Also very important – allow them pumpkins to thoroughly dry before moving to the next step!

Next step: Stippling. Grab a sponge and spray the Looking glass spray directly onto the sponge itself. then dab it onto the pumpkin. move on quickly. If you dab the same spot too many times, it starts removing the coat underneath. but a dab hear and there, then allowed to thoroughly  dry, gives it that “mercury glass” flaky finish.

It was dark by the time I was done. Here is the final result:





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