Dressing Up Foam Pumpkins

This year, at our Halloween Party, more than anything, I wanted an absolute avalanche of pumpkins all around the house. By now, everyone has seen those foam pumpkins for sale at Michael’s, the Dollar Store, and everywhere else.


There are dozens of cute tutorials one Pinterest and other places for decorating them and dressing them up. I went a little crazy this year, because I wanted to create the above-pictured avalanche of pumpkins around the house.

So, I attempted 4 different types of decorated pumpkins. Three turned really well. One experiment went very badly, and I ended up tossing it, and buying the same thing pre-made.

These are the three I successfully made myself:


All three start with a foam pumpkin, of course.

For this one, I bought some black ribbon flecked with orange. And I found a scrap of fine burlap in the scrap pile at Michael’s. I shredded the edges myself by making tiny cuts around the edge, and pulling out the threads between. Once I had created a thick “ribbon with a shredded edge” I simply hot glue it in place. Then I tied the black ribbon around it, tied a bow, and glue that in place too.


The next one was even easier. Again, I started with ribbon from Micheal’s, and just ran it down the crevices in the pumpkin sides, hot gluing at the top and bottom of each. Man, did it come out dramatic! Kind of like a cross between a pumpkin and a spider.


The third one was a bit more involved. I had a pair of fishnet hose with a tear. so I wrapped them around the pumpkin and tied a knot at the top and cut it off. They did not make it easy! Also, it did not follow the contours of the pumpkin down into the middle divet by the stem. I had to glue it in place to get it to do so. Then, there was a bunch of glue at the top. SO I used some extra ribbon to cover it up. BY far the hardest of the three. But it also looks the coolest!


Finally, I attempted to pull off the now-ubiquitous glitter pumpkin. All I can say i s- those tutorials were not meant for foam pumpkins! the spray glue sort of melted off the paint, and I proceeded to get glitter all over our deck and living room. They looked awful, and ended up in the trash. And I bought some for $2 each at Michael’s instead.

Here is the end result of my pumpkin adventures – a house full of pumpkin cascades!

20141102_013131 20141102_013552 20141102_013818 20141102_014107

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