Halloween DIY – Fall Leaf Garland

For this year’s Halloween Party, I wanted to create a canopy of fall leaves in our living room. But I couldn’t find any leaf garlands for sale that would do the trick. So, I decided to make my own!


It was very easy (if a little time consuming) and also, cost about $2 total. So it was entirely worth it!


I found these little packs of silk leaves at Dollar Tree, and this orange string at Micheal’s (each $1).

I sat down with an old cutting board and the glue gun, and a good movie. Then it was just a matter of gluing the leaves to the string.


I took two leaves of different colors and placed them off center to one another, but with a section of each overlapping. Then I put a drop of glue between them, and ran the string between them, and pressed the whole thing together. Repeat about 300 times!


With 5 packs of leaves and 3 balls of string, I created about 30 yards worth for $8.

Then I hung command strips on the walls of the room and strung them up. I mixed them in with some other garland and created a crazy festive canopy for the party, in our own living room.

can4 can3

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