Halloween Party: Super Easy Glow-in-the-Dark Food Options


For our Glow-in-the-Dark room this year, otherwise known as the “Hall of Ghosts,” I wanted to have just a few glowing food and drink options. Last year, I discovered an easy recipe for a glowing drink!

There are some excellent Pinterest projects for the very ambitious. But I found two VERY EASY options that offer a pretty major result. Bonus: They were totally in-theme!

#1. Ghost Juice


This magic-looking potion is easy, cheap, looks amazing, and offers a major bonus of upping the party level by getting everyone tipsy! It is basically a pitcher of vodka tonic shots that are lemonade flavored.

Ingredients are simple: Powdered Lemonade Mix, Vodka, Tonic (Big Important key here: You must use real tonic water, and NOT soda or seltzer, or it will not glow! Tonic has quinine in it, which glows under a black light. The others do not.)

The ratio of vodka to tonic is entirely up to your taste. However, we go for a ratio of roughly 1/3 vodka to 2/3 tonic. Then we mix in 5 or 6 table spoons (or scoops) or lemonade mix (enough to make it taste like lemonade with a kick!)


You will be surprised at how many guests will comment about and remember this small part of the party. Our “ghost juice” has become somewhat legendary. Lots of people are actually afraid to drink it upon first sight. Then are pleasantly surprised when we explain what it is.

#2. Ghost Kabobs


Another big hit with minimal effort required. It turns out that the white ghost “Peeps” that you can buy in stores around Halloween glow just slightly under black lights.


Bowls fulls around the room work really well. Or for an even more dramatic look, just put some on wood skewers in a clear or dark vase, and they “float.”

#3. Glow Containers


One of the best additions to a glow-in-the-dark buffet is some great containers. These little plastic cups and leaf bowls were super inexpensive from Target. They are somewhat “neon” plastic in the light, but both glow like crazy under black lights.

The small versions of the cups worked perfectly for the “ghost juice” shots.┬áThe leaf bowls were great containers for candy, popcorn, and chips that did not glow.


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