Halloween Decor: Spider Nest Stairway

I am so excited to share with you all one of my favorite Halloween decor projects ever – a Spider’s Nest – complete with a big mama spider and friends hovering above our staircase in a huge web, while baby spiders dangle down from the web to scare those coming up the stairs!

Every year for our Halloween Party, I like to do a big decorative display in the hall & stairway leading up to our apartment. It’s a big open space, that all our guests walk through, so I like to make use of it. Last year, I created a Swarm of Bats fluttering overhead. This year’s Spider Nest inspiration came from an incredible amount of spider-related decor options at every store I went to. I just kept finding it everywhere.

Halloween Decor Spider Nest with spider web large Spider and hanging spiders

Then I found some dirty cream-colored “creepy cloth” and the whole thing came together for me.

I started by buying some No-Damage Command Strip Hooks. (These are seriously the best party decoration aid ever invented.) And I used them to hang the creepy cloth across the entire banister area. I stretched it pretty tight, but also had some that was sagging and dangling. I did three levels or layers of it. Then I positioned a few rubber spiders, and the big “Momma” spider on it.

Halloween Decor Spider Nest with spider web large Spider and hanging spiders in stairway

Then I took some of the furry plastic spiders from Dollar Tree, and hot-glued string to their backs, bellies, and rear-ends.

I varied the lengths of the string, and tied unfolded paper clips (to use as hooks) to the other end of the string. That allowed me to hand them, dangling, from the web above, at various lengths. (Note: I hung them at approximately face level to anyone climbing the stairs!)

Basically, when you climbed the stairs, you had to fight through a forest of dangling spiders, with a looming web above!

As a final step, I painted this sign, copied off one I saw on Pinterest.

I hung it on the wall directly across from the top step. So when you reached the top, you read it, turned around, and saw this:


Big Momma spider, about to get you!

That’s it! The whole project took a couple of hours, and wasn’t too hard overall. Best of all – it was a huge hit! Several of our friends completely freaked out when they arrived for the party and saw it. It was great! Here are a few more picture for you of the whole thing!



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