Hall of Ghosts (Glow-in-the-Dark Room)

My vision this year for turning our bedroom into a full-scale Hall of Ghosts and Spooks came off wonderfully. I built on the various glow-in-the-dark decorations from last year, and added a dozen small floating ghosts dangling from black string across the room. Here it is, in pictures:

20141102_002556_LLS20141102_003140_LLS  20141102_002629_LLS   20141102_002804_LLS20141102_002621_LLS20141102_002700_LLS20141102_004808 (2) 20141102_002804_LLS 20141102_002913_LLS20141102_002648_LLS20141102_002834_LLS 20141102_002846_LLS 20141102_002913_LLS 20141102_002925_LLS 20141102_005342 20141102_005503 20141102_00561220141102_005728(0) 20141102_011611 20141102_012112 20141102_012130 20141102_012230 20141102_003201_LLS20141102_012305 20141102_012356 20141102_012410

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