Behind the Scenes: Halloween Glow-in-the-Dark “Hall of Ghosts!”

So, now that you have seen my HALL OF GHOSTS, I wanted to show you behind the scenes, and provide some small tutorials. Here is the same room, in the daylight:


20141102_170445 (1)

My little ghosts were super easy. They are simply white bleached cotton fabric, cut into squares, then “ruffles” cut around the edges of the square. Hot glue a 2″ styrofoam ball into the middle, flip it over, and draw on a face. I used black yard to string them across the room, without putting holes in the ceiling.


I added in some Dollar Tree glow-in-the-dark decorations, such as these bats, some spiders, and skeletons, one large silver skull, and covered most of the room in grey of black creepy cloth.

And then I broke out the Uranium glass figures.



I also added my own Glow-in-the-Dark Paper Pumpkins20141102_165252

And my DIY Haunted Books:


My big “daddy” ghost is still the old left over sheet ghost from various parties past. But this year, he got an upgrade. I replaced the bulb inside the chinese paper lantern that is her frame with an LED Black Light, so that he glowed from within!


And that’s how we created the Hall of Ghosts from this year’s party! Hope you all enjoyed it as much as our guests did!


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