Valentines Brunch at our Place

This year, for Valentines Day, we decided to stay in. It has been so snowy and cold that the idea of crossing town shivering in boots and coats (much less, in a dress and heels) did not seem in the least romantic. Plus, there was another storm predicted for the afternoon and evening of Valentines Day. So, we decided to make a day out of staying in! 

10985590_10152576489386712_8033231858604647363_nLuckily, over the years, I have stock-piled some Valentines decor items, and was able to improvise a few additions to make for some cheery cheesy Valentines Day ambiance. I also found some great ideas for Valentines Day-related decor and food from the internet, which I have helpfully compiled for you on a Pinterest Valentines Board. Here is the breakdown of our simple cute stay-in Valentines Brunch:


One thing I love to do is save greetings cards with seasonal decor. I have all of the Valentines cards that Bruce and I have ever exchanged saved in the same box as the rest of the Valentines decor, so that I can pull them out again each year.

Not only is it fun to read them over again, and see the sweet or silly sentiments exchanges in year past, but they also make festive, bright, and meaningful decorations.


I found these heart-shaped string lights at Target a few years ago. They were inexpensive, and have survived for about 4 years now.

These red wood bead garlands are actually sold as Christmas tree decoration. I love it when you can find decorative elements that work for multiple things!


Also purchased at Target – this red heart “marbles” vase filler. It was $2 for a bag, and I have put it to use every year in a new way. I still have some large candles in hurricane vases left from our wedding in use around our place. Pour these marbles around the base, and you have an easy instant Valentines table candle!

(By the way – is there really anything quite as useful as a large hurricane vase? I use them every holiday, for a thousand things.)

Remember those gold painted sticks from our Faux Winter Fireplace? Drop them in a large hurricane vase, with some red heart marble filler at the bottom, and you have a whole new centerpiece!


A Hobby Lobby find this year – these red Valentines place mats and napkins – each $2.50. Score!


At Whole Foods, I found this champagne in a decorative Valentines bottle for $8.00. Perfect for mimosas with brunch, and for making the table adorable!

wpid-2015-02-14-14.36.26.jpg.jpegFinally – the food. To start: Heart shaped bacon! I got this idea straight off Pinterest, and it is super easy! Just take the uncooked bacon, fold it into a heart shape, and stick a toothpick in it to hold. Then cook it in the oven, on a rimmed baking sheet/pan, instead of on a stove-top pan. Remove tooth pick, and viola!

I didn’t say anything, just put the plate down in front of him, and you should have seen the cute grin I got when he realized they were bacon hearts! He was very impressed. More than worth the effort on the easy theme-food.


Finally “Stud” muffins. Accomplished with a tiny paper flag attached to a toothpick, and stuck in a muffin from the bakery. Easy. Adorable. And scored another grin from the hubby!

So that’s it! We slept late, ate brunch, watched movies, and let the snow fall out side. One of the best Valentines Days ever.

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