Roasted Stuffed Peppers straight from the Garden

Grilled hot peppers cut in half and stuffed with creme cheese and mexican cheese blend roasting on grill pan

We’ve had an explosion of peppers in our garden! We came home from vacation to find a dozen large healthy peppers nearly ripe (Hungarian hot peppers and yellow banana peppers), and several dozen tiny peppers (Asian hot peppers). So I have been trying to figure out what to do with all of them.





A call from my mom triggered something from my southwestern roots, and we decided to stuff and grill some of the large ones!



Start by picking and washing peppers. Cut them in half, long ways. And remove seeds (for pepper novices, the seeds are the hottest part).



Stuff with creme cheese, and then top with shredded “mexican” cheese (chedder, colby, and jack cheese mix).




Then put them in a hot pan to grill. We used our ridged pan, which, due to the shape has the benefit of holding the peppers on their sides without rolling over. I recommend a nonstick pan too, or otherwise use cooking spray!




Cook till the cheese is melted and the walls of the peppers soften and relax a bit. They should also be a bit blackened on the bottom when done.




I am not a huge fan of spicy. But you will find that the cooking reduces the heat of the peppers just a bit. Even hot peppers lighten up a bit when roasted. And the cream cheese also offsets some of the spiciness.


We paired with Croque Madame sandwiches (mixing influences, but hey). Delicious!

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