We’re Moving!

After a lot of discussion this year, we have decided to move into a new apartment!

There are a lot of considerations that have lead to this decision, but primarily, we are just ready for a change that will make our lives a bit easier and more comfortable in dozens of tiny ways (a washer/dryer in-unit!). It actually bothers me to admit that we are making decisions based on things like appliances because it seems so grown up and boring. But really, we are grown ups, with an increasingly grown up-looking life, and I could use a bit more boring, and a bit more comfortable in that life. Ok, incredibly privileged whining done – I promise!

So, moving! This is one of those things in life that I see as simultaneously horrible (boxes, packing paper, living out of suitcases in our own home, etc.), and a fun new challenge. I get to arrange and decorate a whole new space!

The place we are moving into is a brand new building, so no one has ever lived there before. It’s a little glorious to know that we will not be inheriting anyone else’s living space problems. It’s also a bit blank at the moment. A totally blank space.(which now means that every time I think about it, I will inevitable end up humming this song (thanks):

Our new blank space leaves a lot of room of imagining. So, I will be spending the next 30 days wrapping up everything we own in bubble wrap, humming Taylor Swift, and playing furniture-Jenga in my head. Here is a photo of the actual apartment for you:



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