No-Share Bedding (A Norwegian Style Bed)

bedding arrangement with two comforters folded down

When we were in Norway, every hotel we stayed at we encountered a style of bedding that I had never seen before. Every bed had two sets of top sheets, two blankets, and two comforters on it. They were folded, to lay side by side, as though for two twin beds, but on a (shared) King sized mattress. Clearly, the design allows two people to share a bed, without  sharing the bedding.



I instantly fell in love with the concept! As two people who have nightly tug-of-war battles over sheets and blankets, this made perfect sense to me!

So when we returned home, I vowed to do the same thing. I pulled off a make-shift version with our old bed in our old apartment. Instant improvement in sleeping, even if it came out kind of ugly (mismatched sheets and quilts everywhere).

Since we were moving into our new apartment, we planned to upgrade to a King size bed. This was my perfect chance to do it right, since I had to buy a whole new set of sheets anyways!

It is a bit tricky to pull off, since American sheets are most often sold in whole-bed sets (one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillow cases) for a particular bed size (queen, King, twin).

Basically, you need to go for sheets that are sold in separate units. Buy one fitted sheet that fits your mattress size. Buy two flat top sheets in a smaller size. Buy two blankets/ quilts/comforters in a smaller size. Using our bed as an example:

Our Bed = King.


  • 1 King Sized Fitted Sheet
  • 2 Queen Sized Flat Sheets
  • 2 Queen Sized light weight comforters
  • 1 King Sized “top” Comforter

In Norway, they simply folded the sheets and comforters side by side on the bed. Maybe some folks would really like the deconstructed look of it. But I am still a bit stuck in my American “made up bed” look. So I  also got a King-Sized comforter to go on top of everything for bed-making purposes. At night, we simply fold it up, and set it aside, and enjoy our separate sleep pods.

Here’s an overview of the whole bed from start to finish:(these are all grey by the way- not sure why the camera makes them look purple)





I still need to finish the room off with curtain and throw pillows. But, I have to say, this arrangement has immediately improved our sleeping by 95% easily. No more sheet stealing or tug-of-war. We can still snuggle easily. It’s great!

My one note to anyone else who wants to try this out is – I wish I had gotten twin sized flat sheets and comforters. That would probably have been sufficient. But, it’s not a big deal either way! We still get great sleep by not sharing!




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