Just Like Honey: The Jesus & Mary Chain, live in DC

Tonight, two major events were happening simultaneously in DC: The Jesus And Mary Chain was playing at the 930 Club, and the Supermoon Lunar eclipse was going on outside!


The Jesus And Mary Chain is currently in the midst of a nostalgia tour of sorts. They are playing their first album, “Psycho Candy,” (which got extensive recognition for the song “Just Like Honey”) in its entirety, along great with a set of their newer material (which is equally fabulous).


They put on a great show. They rocked the whole audience into jumping, dancing, and clapping along. (What is it about British bands? They do a great job of keeping their rock n’ roll swagger over years, instead of getting locked into one look, one set of moves, and one show played endlessly on repeat like so may Top 40 American-radio born groups.)




Meanwhile, outside the club, the universe was putting on an equally great show: the Super Moon Lunar Eclipse!



The two were occurring at the same time. A significant part of the crowd at 930 was interested in both. so people were running in and out of the club to see the eclipse and then return to the show.

The bouncer at the door was wonderfully accommodating of all the moon-gazers,letting us leave and return again and again without much fuss. People were advising each other on the best filter with which to take a picture of the moon, the history¬†and mystical significance of¬†“blood moons,” and the also on the history, background, and previous shows of the band. And a random homeless man was attempting to charge all the moon-gazers a $1 fee for a “ticket to see the moon.”

Right around the apex of the eclipse, the first chords of “Just like Honey” blazed out inside, and the group of 30 or so folks, ran back to the stage to dance to the song we had all come to hear.imageimageIt was so fun! One of those great city nights where you get to experience something with a large group of equally interested people all around you. Wouldn’t have missed it for the world (or the moon)!

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