Introducing: 30 Days of Halloween Posts!

This year, I am turning a lot of my attention blogging our Halloween instead of making new crafts. The biggest reason for that is something even scarier than Halloween – we are in the process of moving! (Terrifying, am I right?)

It’s just across town, but it may as well be across the country. I am lost in a sea of bubble wrap, boxes, and self pity at present. We ship out across town to our new condo on October 3rd. Then rapidly unpack because…..


(subnote: I don’t care who I have to kill in the process!

This is my favorite event of the year, and

I will throw this party, all practicality be damned!)

(Got it, Bruce?)

(Just kidding, he is totally on board!

Also, I already invited all our friends, so

we can’t back out now!) 

Halloween invite 2015

Nevertheless, I will not have time for new crafts this year, amidst all the packing / unpacking. So, I am going to post a daily round up of Halloween- and Halloween Party-related posts instead (as a way to distract myself from the idea of strangling everyone with packing paper).

One additional note – why only “30 days,” instead of the arguably far more appropriate “31 days” you may ask? Because I will be throwing our party on the 31st day!

(Yes – we will Bruce! By all the is holy! (or maybe un-holy?) Whatever, we will be partying!)

Check back tomorrow, for Day #1!


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