Halloween DIY: Spell Books

I have become a little obsessed this year with all of the Spell Books projects that I saw on Pinterest this year. So I decided to make some of my own!

We also still have a lot of left over hard back books from our wedding. So I decided to put a few of them to a new use. For the general design, I copied some concepts from the ones on Pinterest. Others, I came with on my own, by googling types of magic. Here is my take on them:


Here are each of the books, separately!










The process of creating them was a bit involved, but so much fun! Here is what you need:


  • Hard Cover Books
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Plastic toys or figures
  • Hot Glue
  • Gold & Black Puff Paint
  • Gold Acrylic paint (paint brushes and sponges)

Gather your books, and spray paint them all black. If you want, you can cover the pages with painter’s tape. I decided that I actually liked having the pages black as well. So I spray painted them too.



After you Spray Paint them black, gather some plastic toys or figures. I found a convenient Bag of Creatures from the Dollar Tree that had tons to offer.

I had to adjust some of them – cutting off the hanging loops at the tops of the skeletons. And cutting of the “ring” portions of the spider and bat “rings.”


I also manipulated a couple of them into other things entirely – for example, I cut some legs off the cockroaches to make them into “Egyptian scarabs.”

I also found a toy shield with a dragon on it at the Dollar Store that I just knew would look incredible if I could use it. I bought it, took it home, and (very carefully) broke the dragon off the shield.




Cool Huh? So, I took all of the figures and decided which books I would use them for, and came up with corresponding book titles to match. Most of my titles are my own ideas, based on the figures I had available. They were created with a lot of occult-terminology googling! My internet search history is probably pretty interesting right now: “types of spells” “types of magic” “magic practices” etc.

After I had some titles planned out, I used a piece of white chalk to write the titles on the spray painted books and place the plastic figures. Then, I hot-glued the figures to the books. Not all of them are flat, so I could only glue down some parts.

One book – the one with the four plastic spiders – I did a little differently. I put a stripe of gold spray paint down the side, and glued the black spiders in a line down the side.


I used the puff paint to write the titles on the books. I had written them in chalk, so I could follow the pattern. The puff paint dries very slowly, so it is forgiving. If you mess up, you can wipe it off and try again. You have to let it dry for a couple hours.

Note: I used black puff paint to write the letters. And then traced them with gold acrylic paint after. Why not just use gold puff paint in the first place? Well, you probably could! But I wanted to whole thing to look antiqued – like something that had been handled so many times that the colors were worn in reverse (like a bit of metal that becomes even more shiny from use)!


I traced the black puff paint letters in an Antique Gold paint (actually more of a matte mustard yellow color), with a fine paint brush. and also added touches to the plastic figures.




Finally, I used a small sponge to lightly dab on more gold smudges around the edges of the book covers, in the designs, and and across the tops of the lettering.  The whole goal being to make the books look “antique.” There is really no right or wrong here. You just have to play around with it until you like it!




And here they are in the final forms:




Here are some pictures of the books in their display at last year’s Halloween Party. I mixed them with other little bottles and vases around our Poe Raven Display , and it all gave the effect of some crazy magic studio!



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