Halloween Food – Guacamole Monster

I am not a huge foodie, or cook. But I really love party food that makes a splash! A couple of these items have become regulars at our parties, and are super simple.

First up: The Guacamole Monster


What you need. Guacamole. Uncut fresh green beans small mozzarella balls green olives and black olives.

Very easy recipe: First, guacamole – Storebought homemade whatever you want. Put guacamole in bowl.


Next take a few of the long green beans and stick them in around the edges, with as much as possible sticking out.


Then make the eye ball! Take 1 green olive and cut off the tip of it. Take one black olive and cut out one tiny speck. Put the black speck in the hole of the green olive. Then set on top of the mozzarella ball. Take one small fresh mozzarella ball. Pat dry with a paper towel. Set in the guacamole. You can also use a toothpick through the whole thing, to hold it together. Not necessary but you can if you want.

That’s it! Your guacamole monster is ready to go.

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