Halloween Foods – Artichoke Dip Brain


This year I got inspired to try and create a brain platter for our Halloween party food table! I had seen a couple of jello mold versions on the Internet. But I wanted one actually look like a brain, and of course, that actually tasted good too!

So after a little BRAIN-storming (get it? ha!) I decided to create a an original recipe of my own.

To start, I used this recipe for cold asiago artichoke dip online. However, I used the food processor to puree the artichoke dip to a fine consistency. Not quite liquid but very fine, like hummus.

Asaigo artichoke dip 2

Then I cooked drained and cooled a bag of large elbow macaroni.


Then I added it to the macaroni and mixed it all together well. Then I let it cool in a bowl overnight.

On party day I flipped the ball over onto a plate and used a large spoon to shape it into a brain shape. The macaroni shows through and looks like brain squiggles.

I cut up some baguette and lightly toasted them. And arranged them around the brain.

It looks so realistic that most of the guests were afraid to touch it until I put little sign next to it to explain what it was.


I have to say – it was delicious! It got rave reviews! Everybody loved it!

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