Halloween Party Foods – Marshmallow Kabobs


One of my favorite easy Halloween Party treats to make is Peeps Kabobs! Every year the Peeps company (the same that makes the marshmallow chicken for Easter), puts out some Halloween-themed Peeps.


They have in the past had Ghosts, and Pumpkins. This year, I found Tombstones!


Making a Peeps Kabob is fairly easy. All you need are Kabob Skewers and Peeps. Another way to go is to use one Peep on the skewer, and to fill in the rest of it with caramel corn.


This is a bit of a pain, because easily 2 out of 3 of the caramel corns will split in half as you try to shove it on the skewer. You just have to keep trying (and eat all the mistakes)!


The best technique I found was to place the caramel corn on a flat surface, and drive the skewer down into it. I found less of them broke, and I punctured my finger with a skewer less often by doing it this way.




Once you have your Peeps Skewers, the question is how to set them out. For a nice display option, grab some small containers. I used these small metal buckets I already had. Get some floral foam, and shove it down inside.


Then get some dried Spanish moss from any craft store, and place it on top of the floral foam. Now, you can stick the skewers down into the foam and have them sticking out the tops.


The Ghost and Pumpkin ones looked great at all the party tables.


For the gravestone ones, I put some of our little gravestone figurines around them for a whole graveyard themed dessert table.


It looked great, and tasted even better!




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