Halloween Food – Pumpkin Dippers


Another super easy Halloween party food item is to create pumpkin dippers. I confess I originally got this idea from Pinterest. But I have expanded on it greatly this year.


The most important thing is what kind of pumpkins you buy. You should specifically find what are known as “pie” pumpkins. They are considerably smaller than an average carving pumpkin, but much larger than the decorative mini pumpkins (which by the way turn out to be incredibly better inside. Pie pumpkins are like sweet vegetables inside! They are used to make pumpkin pie!) Another point about pie pumpkins is that they are intended to be edible. So they are treated by grocery stores as food, in the same way that they treat vegetables. Many of the pumpkins that you buy for carving may have sat outside in the hot sun or any other conditions for extended period. This can allow bacteria to grow and can make them unsafe for eating. Stick to the pie pumpkins!

Find some that are roughly the size of a large soup bowl. You also want to pick out some that have a nice flat bottom . So that they will sit still on a plate without rolling over! This is key!


Once you get them home, wash them thoroughly with soap! These things are usually not washed at all like most veggies or fruits. Scrub them good!

After that proceeded to cut off the top and scoop out the entire inside just as he would her car being a pumpkin. But be very thorough in the scoping out process. You want a completely hallow pumpkin free of strings and seeds inside.

One great thing about this is that you can actually carve them and hollow them out a day or even two days in advance of your party. Just put them in a gallon ziplock bag or cover them in plastic wrap, and stick them in the fridge and they will be perfectly good and waiting for you when you are ready for them. I love party prep that can be done in advance!

Once you are ready for party time, take the pumpkins and place them on a plate, platter, or in a bowl. Then basically use them as bowls!


This year I filled one with ranch dressing and put it on a vegetable platter.


I filled another one with salsa and put it in a large bowl surrounded by chips.


The third one I filled with guacamole, and also put it in a large bowl surrounded by chips!


I had actually planned to do a 4th one and fill it with cheese dip. But I decided to do hot queso in the stead.


These look great and are totally on the same. Best of all everybody thinks it’s such a cute and innovative idea and there hardly any work involved!

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