Halloween Foods – Skeleton Prosciutto Platter

Halloween Skeleton Meat & Cheese Platter with Proscuitto and Cheese Slices on Plate Around Skeleton Figurine

This skeleton prosciutto platter is sort of guaranteed to be the hit of your Halloween party! Best of all, it is so easy it’s ridiculous!

Halloween Skeleton Meat & Cheese Platter with Proscuitto and Cheese Slices on Plate Around Skeleton Figurine

Basically the only thing you have to do is purchase a medium-sized pose-able plastic skeleton. Then give it a very thorough bath! I briefly considered washing it in the dishwasher, but I wasn’t convinced that that wouldn’t totally destroy the skeleton’s paint or cause it to melt. So instead I settled for a very thorough scrubbing with hot water and dish soap in the sink.

Next find your very largest platter and position your skeleton on it. With mine the legs were hanging off of the end, but that only added to the sight!

I bought a variety of deli meat selections from the store – mostly prosciutto and very large pieces of soppressata and salami. I also bought extra sharp cheddar cheese slices and arranged them around the edges of the platter.


After that, just arrange a massacre scene! Arrange the prosciutto and salami throughout the body cavity of the skeleton. Be sure to stick them up inside the rib cage! And put some all across the backbone and inside the pelvis area. (gross! and cool!)

Feel free to provide tongs to your guests if you like. This arrangement can make anyone a little squeamish about actually grabbing the prosciutto to eat!

Now just sit back and enjoy the horrified reactions of your guests!

One note: After the party is over you will want to again thoroughly wash your skeleton with soap and water before storing it for the year. I wrapped it in tissue paper, and put it inside a large plastic zip bag to make sure it is clean for next year!

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