Thanksgiving Pumpkin Rolls


I saw this recipe for Pumpkin Rolls on Pinterest, from the Thistlewood Farms blog, and became obsessed with trying it for Thanksgiving this year! They came out pretty good, and tasted darn great, but honestly, they weren’t quite as well shaped as the ones featured online.

20151121_183503 (2)

Since I discovered firsthand a couple pitfalls along the way, I decided to share them. Hopefully a couple of these pointers can help you as well!

If you, follow this recipe, you start out using Rhode’s “Bake ‘n Serve” frozen dinner roll dough from the freezer section of the grocery store.  (so much easier)….but I was inspired by this recipe)

There are two majors keys  to the whole enterprise, and I found it.

Key #1: Cut the little Pumpkin sections, after the dough thaws, but before the dough rises.  

The Rhodes Bake ‘n Serve Dinner Rolls are basically balls of frozen dough. They have basically 3 steps to them – you thaw the dough, you let the dough rise, and then you cook them.

You create the pumpkin shape by slicing sections of the sides of the roll, leaving the center intact.

The blog recipe says to let the dough rise, and then slice the edges. But I found that if you cut the dough after it rises, you end up flattening the roll. It never really re-inflates.

Below are pictures of a batch cut after the dough rises, and a batch cut after the dough thawed, but before it rises.



You can clearly see how cutting the dough after it rises leaves them kinda squished. But cutting them before hand leaves them in a more rounded puffy shape.

You can also see which are which after they are baked.

20151121_183503 (1)


Key #2: Coat rolls with egg wash

The recipe for the egg wash is not included in the blog recipe above. So, allow me:

Get 2 eggs. Use one whole egg (white and yolk), and one yolk only. The more yolk, the more golden-brown is huge created.

Brush it on with a basting brush right before cooking and it comes out great!

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