Christmas Decorations


Every year when we break out the boxes full of Christmas decorations I am faced with the perennial question should we go with metallics or red and green?

When Bruce and I dating we each had holiday decorations at our apartments. (I also added substantially to his collection of holiday decorations during the couple of years we were datingĀ  so that it was festive at each apartment.)

But when we merged households we ended up with two very different sets of decorations.

One set is the more traditional red and green, with some touches of Nordic design. There are felt decors and cranberry touches.

The second set of decorations are more metallic and modern in nature. Lots of silvers and golds with some deconstructed elements.

I’ve tried mixing them together, to some degree, but they’re two very different aesthetics. And we have an open floor plan that doesn’t really allow for simply putting half in one room and half in another.

So for the past 3 years, I’ve faced a choice: Red and cozy? Or silver and shiny?


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