Christmas Card Ribbon Display

Christmas card display made of ribbon and clothes pins

I have seen about a million cute Pinterest ideas for displaying Christmas Cards this year. But, I’d like to share with you with fastest and easiest way I’ve ever found to cutely display cards (other than just using fridge magnets).

Best part? It costs exactly $2 to make, and takes about 3 minutes. Ready?


Are you totally impressed? (ha!) Obviously this falls in the cheap & easy category. But who couldn’t use a little of both around the holidays?

Just hit your local dollar store (or dollar section at Target). Grab a large (wide) ribbon. Grab a bag of clothes pins. Take them both home.

Use painters tape, masking tape, or duct tape to secure the ribbon on the other side of the door. Then hang up your cards.  (If you want to get fancy, grab some gold spray paint and glam up your clothes pins before hand.) Viola! A Christmas card display that took less time to create then to look up on Pinterest!


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