Art from Playa

One of the things I really love in Playa del Carmen, are the artists who display their works along 10th Avenue (Avenida 10 Norte) at night.


You can walk past dozens of displays on the way to grab dinner, of all different styles and expressions. Lots of large scale photos too. Some are certainly better than others, and there are a variety of asking prices too.


The first year we went to Playa, we saw one painting we just loved. We seriously talked about buying it and taking it home. But we hesitated too long, and before our last day there, it was sold to someone else! Tragedy!

This year, when we saw an incredible painting, we jumped at it. It is a really striking piece, layered with tons of texture.

20160513_003301 (1)


We also had the pleasure of meeting the artist himself – Dennis Granados.  Dennis is a self-taught artist who talked with us extensively about painting directly from the inspiration of poetry and music. Check out some of his other work here:

A couple note about buying a painting while traveling. There are basically two options to get it home. Either pay a massive amount of money to ship it home, packed into an art crate, along with inspections and duty fees on the shipment.

Or, allow the artist to take the canvas off of the wood backing frame, roll it up in a poster tube, and take it back as a carry on. Then find a framing shop and have them re-mount it onto a new frame for a small fee.

This is what we have opted for twice now. Once with this painting, and once with the painting we bought in Rome. It worked fine in both cases, and we made it home with a fantastic souvenir from each trip.

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