A Sweet Little Valentines Day

Valentines Day holiday home decor Valentines tablescape, Valentines day heart wreath, and red roses next to mirror.

Last year, on Valentine’s, we made an incredible discovery. For the first time ever, since we started dating, we stayed at home for Valentine’s Day! There was a horrible blizzard bearing down on Washington, and so we made the decision to celebrate while staying in. And it was maybe the best Valentine’s Day ever!

The thing is, Valentine’s day is so over hyped and pressure filled. The restaurants double prices, there’s not an available cab in the city, and you wind up feeling all this pressure to BE ROMANTIC.

Last year we stayed home, watched movies, napped, listened to records and made brunch and then dinner together.  We also decorated the apartment, got dressed up for dinner, and tried a new fancy recipe, which made it a special occasion. It was relaxing, fun, and actually really truly sweet and romantic.

This year, we are reprising the stay -at-home Valentine’s eve. Once again, we bought a fancy wine, plan to try a new recipee, and plan to get dressed up for a special occasion…. but without cabs, coats, tips, crowds, or hassle. Just us, and a little romance and fun.

Here is our venue for the evening:

Valentines Day holiday home decor; Valentines tablescape, Valentines day heart wreath, Valentines red heart string lights, Valentines red and pink table runner, with two place settings, china plates, Valentines placemats, and candles, with glass heart beads, and red roses next to mirror






In addition, my own personal tradition is that I save all the cards we have exchanged in previous years and use them as  decorations as well. It is actually super fun to go back and read them again!

Using Valentines Cards As Decorations Each Year

If any of you are racing for last minute plans, I highly encourage trying the Valentine’s Day in! I swear, it will make you a convert!

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  1. Love it! We don’t celebrate at all but this could be fun –if I wanted to go to all the work for someone who doesn’t give a flip about holidays of any sort.

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