Living room decor with yellow beige walls, Grey decor for living room including grey chevron curtains, grey pattern area rug, grey fabric chair and grey sofa chaise.


I have been on the hunt for curtains for the living room for a while now.

The challenge was that I needed something that could match three large pieces of furniture that are all slightly different greys, and different materials. Every solid color grey curtain I ordered seemed to clash with on piece of furniture or another.

Another piece of the puzzle is that we have these soft butter yellow walls on the living room. I actually really like them, but they add another color into the mix.

I also wanted something kind of graphic and trendy, and love chevron!

I finally settled on these. When they arrived, I was thrilled because they matched everything I held them up to just enough. They were a good mid-way point between the greys. And they were off white background that worked with the walls.

Then I hung them up…. and it was like BAM! PATTERN!!

It may not show up that dramatically here, but these curtains make a very loud statement in such a small room. They upped the visual drama significantly. And I was worried that they had the effect of making the room look cluttered. With all of the books in there, the room already has a lot going on.

Now that a few days have passed, I have settled in with them and really like them. But I definitely feel like the room is at maximum pattern so to speak!

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