Cheese Bowl

At a Super Bowl party this year, some of our friends came up with an amazing idea. We were comparing notes on which cheese-related foods are our favorites (answer: all of them!) and the idea came up that we should have a cooking competition amongst ourselves based entirely around cheese! And Cheese Bowl was born!

Now, a couple of the individuals involved are really good cooks. Like – I’d rather have dinner at their house than go out to most restaurants, good. So for me, this was a rather intimidating prospect. I am not a guru in the kitchen. But I do a couple tricks up my sleeve that can wow, and still be relatively easy (my own requirement).

So  -Here are my entries:

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Stuffed with Cheese Cake


I have to give all the credit for this fun recipe to my friend Amy. They are super easy for the incredible dessert that they are. I will post a full recipe / how-to soon!

Roasted Cheese Stuffed Peppers


I previously featured the recipe for these babies on the blog, here: Roasted Cheese Stuffed Peppers.

Frankly, the entries of all my cheese compatriots killed it too. Here is the rest of Cheese Bowl 2016:

12821464_10153327516171712_6127628949922317838_n (1)

Cheese Croquettes


Individual Cheese Soufflés


Sophisticated Nachos



(Like a Lasagna, but with cheese sauce instead of tomato sauce. But also like, “Don’t get any cheese-on-ya!”


Berry Jam Cheese Dip

And, some of our most fun participants managed to arrive dressed in these! (Face blocked to protect the innocent!)




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