My Secret Tip for seeing the Cherry Blossoms

DC is known for its cherry Blossoms that bloom out every spring. For about 5 days, the entire Tidal Basin and National Mall areas are covered in light  pink fluffy petals.


It is gorgeous….. except for one thing. The the entire area is also covered in swarms of tourists.  It’s difficult to enjoy the trees or get a get a photo with them because there are literally thousands of people on foot and in cars trying to see them and get a good photo.

In fact the National Park Service has reported that people are actually damaging the tree trying to climb them to get a good picture.

But, I have a secret. A small insider tip gained from a dozen years living in DC for enjoying some of the blossoms up close and personal with almost no one else around.


Do not go the National Mall or Tidal Basin. At all. Dont even go to the White House. It’s tourist city and more frustration than it is worth.

Instead, go to one of the small circle parks (the green areas in the middle of the traffic circles) all over downtown DC. Most of them have a few cherry trees planted there, and no tourists!

My favorite one is Scott Circle. It is a teeny tiny traffic circle park between Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, and the White House.

It is so teeny tiny youve probably never even considered it a park. And, in truth, there is no direct walking path to or through it. You just kind of have to cross the street, and walk into the middle of it.  Most of the time, it looks like this:


But last week, it looked like this:






And, because there was no one else there but us, we got to ealk arouns and under the trees and marvel at the blossoms unimpeded. We also got some fantastic photos:



The blossoms are gone for this year, but maybe next, you can try out Scott Circle too!

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