Ball Bowl

Tonight, our friends celebrated our latest cooking competition – Ball Bowl! I wrote a few months ago about my friends & our new Food Bowl competition. You may recall, all this started with Cheese Bowl a few months ago, which was wildly successful fun. The next in the series was initially conceptualized as “meat ball bowl.” However, after a bit of contemplation, we decided that eating 10 types of meatballs might be a bit too much. So we expanded the event to “Ball Bowl” and decided to allow any entries in a ball form. It was a great night! (And obviously, full of lots of hilariously inappropriate jokes arising from the concept of the event.)

But – the food: Naturally – Italian meat balls made by my friend Joes’s mama! There were three different forms of croquettes (cheese, potato, and shrimp). There were cheese burger balls, and sauerkraut & bacon balls. And best of all – cake balls!
potato croquettes
meat balls
12821464_10153327516171712_6127628949922317838_n (1)
cheese croquettes
shrimp croquettes
cheese burger balls, and sauerkraut & bacon balls
Chocolate covered cake balls!
My goodness, it was a yummy night.
For my entry, I offered to try and come up with a salad course. I think it was a smashing success. I am calling it the ‘Have a Ball’ Summer Salad, and I will post the recipe tomorrow:
Salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, couscous, basil and mozzarella balls all in ball shape in wood bowl

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