Tale of Two Halloween Decor Styles

Today, Baxter would like to present you with two different Halloween decor options for your living room from Target: (why? because what is cuter than a dog sitting next to seasonal home goods?)

Both options cost under $10 (around $3 an item). The first is a traditional orange and black option – a pumpkin throw pillow, and two graphic painted orange pumpkins.


The second is a black-and-white option: a canvas throw pillow with a skull wearing a bow-tie (so cute!), a ceramic cauldron, and a marbled white pumpkin.


Basically, the two options come back to the same dilemma I have every year, and with every holiday – do I go for festive decor items in bright colors, or neutrals that match our regular home decor?

Baxter was absolutely no help in this decision. (To him, everything is black and white!) He did however, express a slight preference for making the pumpkin throw pillow into a new doggie toy. Sigh!

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