A Touch of Halloween to Kick Off Fall

To kick off the Fall Season, I love to break out the Fall & Halloween decor! I am a huge fan of Halloween, to anyone who knows me. And usually in preparation for our big annual Halloween Party I suffuse the whole house with creepy items a day or two before hand.

However, earlier in the month, I like to add just a few small touches of Halloween to our normal living room decor, here and there. This year, I decided to stick to black-and-white decor items to go with our grey palette living room. I gave myself a challenge of adding only 5 items or less. Here is the result:





I think it is festive and fun without being too overwhelming. The Skull throw pillow, ceramic cauldron, and marbled pumpkin came from Target. The white wooden pumpkin, and sign came from Home Goods.


To my eternal longing, we simply do not have a fireplace in our home. So, instead, I treat our TV cabinet as a “mantle” area instead.


All in all, I have to admit, I love it! It feels like the Halloween season has arrived!


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