Halloween Party 2016 – Inside

Halloween decorations paper lanterns paper fans chain

For this year’s Halloween Party, we decided to rent out the rooftop club house in our building. Much like our previous apartment, this gave me an indoor space to work with an outdoor space to work with in terms of decorating for the party. I like to have the inside area be a warm cheerful place and the outside area be a little darker creepier and spookier. So I put the orange and black decorations and the sparkly things inside the clubhouse area, and more of the skeletons headstones and zombie arms outside.

Personally, I tend to go for a “more is more” extravaganza of decorations. It is a party after all.

Halloween party decorations pumpkin spider skeleton and throw pillow

My favorite part of the decorations was the string of paper lanterns and paper fans across the room. I used a symbol S hook on each of the air vents in the room, with string between them and then threaded the lanterns on to the string. It easily had the biggest impact anything in the whole room.

Halloween decorations paper lanterns paper fans chain

There is a large shelf unit in the room that I couldn’t move. So I decided to turn it into a display case of various pumpkins.

Halloween decorations pumpkin display shelf

One of the challenges I always run into is how to decorate around a TV in the room. Personally I tend to go for the cover it up angle.

Halloween decorations spider web spiders

The stacked pumpkin poles looked great. They provided some additional color higher up in the room.

Halloween decorations pumpkin stack skeleton and throw pillow


Halloween decorations pumpkin stack throw pillow

I also prefer to keep the food inside, and instead put the drinks outside in ice buckets.

Halloween decorations glitter skull cauldron

Halloween decorations glitter pumpkin skull

Halloween decorations paper lanterns paper fan display

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