How to Easily Carry Around Stuffed Christmas Stockings

I have a tiny tip for you this Christmas. Last year, I discovered an easy answer to a problem we deal with every year.

You see, every year we gather at my in-laws’ house for present opening at Christmas. It is a central location for everyone. For us, it represents ┬ápacking up all the wrapped presents and stuffed stockings, assorted food items, two kids, a dog, etc., and doing a half hour drive, only to – hours later, turn around and pack everything up again and bring it home.


Somehow every year, the stocking are the things that present the biggest challenge. Presents get stacked in boxes for the drive. Food, in bags. But the stockings – gathering up 6 stockings filled with various treats, finding a place in the car where they neither tip over, spill or reveal their contents, getting them (all!) to another house, and then getting them (all!) home again always seems to be the most unruly challenge for some reason. Maybe I am the only one who has this problem?

Then last year – I had an epiphany! It was so simple and worked so well, I have to share:


Yep! That’s it! A super large carabiner is the answer. This one cost me $1 at the Target Dollar Spot. Just take all the stockings off the mantel, hook them together, and you are out the door with an easy way to carry them, hang them in the car, and keep them all together.



You’re welcome! Safe travels and Merry Christmas to all!


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