It’s a Girl! (A Casual Gender Reveal)

Drumroll….. it’s a GIRL! We found out we are expecting a little girl in June.

We decided not to do a big gender reveal thing. It’s such a big trend right now that it is starting to feel over-done to us. Plus, once we knew that the results were in, we could not wait for the doctor to tell us. I had to know!

And then I was so excited, I had to call my mom, and mother in law, etc. etc. So a lot of folks in our circle found out really quickly. But, I was still getting inquiries from various friends and contacts on Facebook almost every day. So we realized we still neede to make some kind of “announcement.”

So, one day I simply posted this, online, with no text:

Pink Baby Girl Dress for Online Gender Reveal

And, oh, the comments!!! Literally hundreds on squeals and emojis poured in over the next few days. It was just as fun as if we had thrown some big party to announce it. And a lot cheaper and easier!)

So, if you want to go in a slightly different direction for a gender reveal – I would suggest this: a simple single photo. It is a bit more casual, and certainly more easy.

Plus – I got an excuse to buy an extra baby dress!

The dress came from Old Navy. I was actually on my down to Pike Place to try and find some sweet little handmade dress or bonnet, when I passed Old Navy and saw this in the window, and…I…just…melted! Could this thing be any cuter?

The Market still won in the end though. I also melted into a pile of goofy hormones over a $30 hand-made plush baby rattle toy later that day. My affection for this little girl is going to cost me a bundle.

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