Rosé & Bébé: A Baby Shower for Adults

So, the first time my friends brought up the idea of a baby shower, for our impending bundle of joy, I have to say, I was somewhat less than immediately enthused. Most baby showers tend to be somewhat boring events for women only with awful group games. I have seen a few exceptions, really fun and classy showers. But they definitely tend to be the exception.

So I had to put some thought into what my own baby shower could be like.

First thing – I wanted to have a co-ed event. This baby is just as much a part of my husband’s life as mine. Also for the most part, we don’t have separate pools of friends – his friends are my friends and visa-versa. We both have friends of the opposite gender, too. So I was entirely opposed to having a ladies-only event.

Second thing, I wanted to have drinks there. Just because I wasn’t going to be drinking, was no reason everyone else has to go without. And a party just isn’t a party without wine and beer.

Third thing – no games! Or at least no organized, forced, group games. I have been forced to sit through some pretty long boring group games over the years, and I am not a fan. Instead, I wanted it to be more like a normal party, where people could mix and mingle freely, talk to each other, and enjoy themselves.

Finally – I wanted it to be just a touch sophisticated. A party for adults, for our friend living in DC. And even though it is a party about a baby, I didn’t want it to be a baby-centric affair. We are older parents, not teenagers. I wanted to focus on a change in our life, not on “babies” as a concept. In short – nothing juvenile. No baby bottle or diapers involved.

One catch though: despite all my other requirements, I still sort of wanted to do a big fluffy pink-colored shower. I am so excited to be having this little girl. So excited that it is a girl. And I kind of wanted to decorate everything in pink!

So I put my mind to it, and ran a couple of ideas by my friends, and we are having a shower in April that I am pretty delighted with, and totally excited for.

The theme is: Rosé & Bébé

(yep -I came up with that little gem all by myself!)

Rose & Bebe_Baby Shower Invitation_by JustHollyAnn

We are serving chilled rose wine in champagne flutes. Along with pink macarons and a pink ombre layer cake. And a pink candy bar. But we are also serving sliders, grilled veggies, and beer. and pink lemonade!

The decorations will be pink and white and gold. But nothing baby specific. No storks or baby carriages. Instead, paper fans, paper lanterns, and ribbon garlands in pink, white, and gold patterns. Lots of pink and gold candle holders. Also white and pink Spider mums and hydrangeas in mason jars. You can check out some inspiration Ideas from my Baby Shower Pinterest Board, here.

rose pink and gold baby shower inspiration board

Finally, instead of playing organized group games, we are going to have three game/activity “stations” around the room:

  1. The first will be a display of baby photos of me and Bruce.
  2. The second will will be a guess-the-delivery-date game where whoever get closest will win… a bottle of rose wine!Pink_And_Gold_Glitter_Sign_Delivery Date Game
  3. The third game is a name reveal. We haven’t yet told anyone the baby ‘s name. So we are going to put out a display with a hint, and let people try to guess the name. If anyone is able to, they also win…a bottle of rose wine! Pink_And_Gold_Glitter_Sign_Name Game

The idea behind all of the “stations” is that people can interact with them as much or as little as they wish, when they wish, while also enjoying the rest of the party. Also, all three foster conversation among our guests during the party. Perfect!

I promise to post a ton of pictures after the party and cover in detail how this all goes!

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