About Me



Hello! I’m Holly, a newlywed living in Washington, DC with my husband and our dog Baxter.

JustHollyAnn is my blog where I share about our home, my garden, DIY projects, parties, holiday decor and my other interests like art, music, movies, books and some other totally quirky stuff.

I am originally for the southwest, mostly New Mexico. I have now lived in DC for a dozen years, and consider it home. Both my husband and I have lived a variety of places in our adult lives, mostly in the Washington, DC area. We both prefer small-space living that puts us right in the heart of city life.

I am a gardener, and love growing vegetables, herbs, and a variety of other plants on our deck garden. I am loving the term “urban gardener,” and don’t mind sharing trick, tips, and utter failures on this blog.

I am not any sort of foodie, but ave friends who are. I do not consider myself to be “a cook” but occasionally enjoy trying my hand in the kitchen. Basically, if it is on the blog, it probably turned out well.

My favorite event all year is the huge annual Halloween party we throw for all our friends. I am crazy about Halloween, and love to share my projects for those parties on this this blog. I also generally love all holidays, and tend to decorate profusely and enjoy celebrating them.

I love crafts, projects, DIY, decorating, and possess some minor talent in drawing, painting, and throwing pottery. I abandoned an art major freshman year, but can’t ever get the urge to paint something, everything out of my system. You’ll see some of my own projects here, along with inspiration found in visits to museums and art exhibits as often as I can get to them.

Speaking of getting places, my husband and I enjoy traveling together, and sharing about it. We do a fair amount of travel within the US, and usually one or two trips overseas per year. I enjoying sharing adventures, stories, and photos from those trips.

We are both avid lovers of music. We try to go see a lot of shows, download more music than we have data space for, collect vinyl records, and have diverse tastes. Maybe you will like some of what we do. Maybe not! You’ll have ot read to find out.

Speaking of photos – 99.99% of the photos on this blog are taken with my camera phone (a Samsung Galaxy). It’s a great camera phone. And I love posting great photos. But I do not have the time to spend editing them into perfection. For the most part, what you see is what you get.

I also have a day job too in the world of professional policy. I don’t discuss that work or a lot of subjects related to it on this blog. This is my outlet away from work. I am not a full-time blogger, so I blog when I can. When content gets slow, it is usually because work has gotten busy. Please be gentle, blog-universe!

Basically I blog for fun, about all of the things that interest me – just, Holly Ann! Maybe some of them will interest you too!

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