Art from Playa

One of the things I really love in Playa del Carmen, are the artists who display their works along 10th Avenue … More

Ghosts of Places Past

A Dutch photographer, Niki Feijen,  last year released his  first self-published book of photographs titled Disciple of Decay, a collection of photos … More

Illegal Rainbows

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, something incredible has been popping up for years. Painted spilling rainbows  have appeared from time to time, running … More

Hirshorn Exhibit: Song 1

(image via Hirshorn collection) The Hirshhorn Museum in DC has an extremely cool new exhibit called Song 1, by artist Doug Aitken. … More

Big Red Ball

The Red Ball Project by artist Kurt Perschke is my favorite new art project to find around the world! (Photo … More

Moon Games

I really love this photography project with a full moon, that I saw today on Pinterest! It took some tracking down, … More

All I Own, by Sannah Kvist

 “All I Own” is an art project by photographer Sannah Kvist, showing portraits of people with all of the physical possessions they really own … More

Frank Gehry

A friend recently asked me who my favorite current artists today are. Squarely in my top three, I had name an … More